Wednesday, 23 March 2011


As part of our Home Learning this year we got  to do a fundraiser of our choice. So we decided on a bake sale. This year we have to do a minimum of ten challenges for Home learning and this counts as one of them.

On the 19th of March, Xian and Louise went to Grace's house to bake for the Bake sale.
Once we were there, we started playing pictureka. But wait! Someone was missing! Kyla.
We had to start baking or else we wouldn't get anything done. While everything was in the oven we went to get hot chips for lunch. When we came back we were surprised to see someone sitting on the couch talking to my sister. It was Kyla! We sat on the floor with our hot chips and started eating.

 After that we set up a table for decorating. Caitlin (Grace's sister) told us that everything had to be perfect or otherwise children wouldn't buy it. But as soon as Caitlin went to go to her friends house we went crazy with decorations. We were so excited when we finished!

When Monday finally arrived we were very prepared. Then all of a sudden everybody was nervous about not selling anything. The clock struck 10.30 so we set up our stall. There were people rushing from everywhere to buy food. Yeaahh! Within about 10 minutes we had sold out of everything. We earned $70.80c. We thought we would get a maximum of  $50 so we were ecstatic!


By: Grace, Kyla & Louise

Thursday, 3 March 2011

The day of Red & Black

Today's a special day, because its Black & Red day. (which is also known as Christchurch.)
Today's important to Christchurch because it is a day we all wear red and black to show our support for all the people who have been affected by the earthquake.  
we all had to make the shape of #EqNZ here's a photo

                                           we rased $2084 & 10cents
Jackie & Ben & colton

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Super Soccer skills

We had an amazing opportunity to learn some cool soccer skills from the professionals.  Room 7 and 2 headed down to the field where we met some guys from Football Feet (United Soccer 1).  We broke off into two groups and got to play some really cool and fun games.  One of the games we played was sharks. To be successful at this game you had to dodge the people trying grab your ball, if they got your ball you became a shark and then had to try and steal the other kids balls too.  Another cool game we played was Cowboy's and Indian's.  Jess was the Chief and had to run first and dodge the balls being kicked at her.  When she got to the other side she had to do the "OOOOOOOOO" so we knew we could all start running.  It was hard to dodge the balls as they were coming so fast.   Next time we get to do soccer skills I would like to try more fun soccer games where it is more like the actual game.