Monday, 11 July 2011

Bella's book reviews

Today Miss. Rack took us to the library."Choose the interesting books that you will read over the holidays"Said Miss. Rack.So I chose a book by Dick-king smith,I thought he was a good auther.And the book is called"Sophies adventures.The second book was a classic,so that means it was writen ages ago.I like it when its a classic because it is written very carefully and has all the jucy parts in it.It is called "Black Beauty" retold from anna sewell original.My last book is called"Anne of green gables" retold from the lucy maud montgomery original.They get me hooked into read,especialy the classics.I'd recommend it to people that love old styles and classic things and sophies adventures would be good for people that start to read thick books.The blub of Sophies adventers (In my words):Sophie is small but very determined she loves nature and animals,she wants to be a farmer when she grows up.The Blurb of Black Beauty (In my words):Black beauty has lived his whole life on a nice quiet farm,but when his masters wife gets sick,Beautys life takes a bad corner for the worse,Thrust and cruelty.Beauty must try his best to survive until he can find his way back to love and kindness he once knew.And last but not least the last classic Anne of green gables,From the first time she saw green gables,anne shirley knew she had finally found a place to call home.She experiences the life time of pain and joy of becoming part of a family and growing up in the remote Canadian villige of Avonlea.So next time you read one of these books,Enjoy them!

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